Connecting Scientists Worldwide

GAAIN is advancing research into the causes, prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases through a global cooperative of sharing, investigation and discovery.

The Global Alzheimer’s Association Interactive Network (GAAIN) unites a diverse and geographically distributed network of data partners within a federated data platform designed to foster cohort discovery, collaboration and sharing. GAAIN represents the first open access, federated Alzheimer’s disease data discovery platform of its kind. With GAAIN:

  • Researchers can discover clinical, genetic, imaging and other data collected across many independent studies; build cohorts and connect with GAAIN data partners.
  • Study investigators can meet data sharing objectives and develop new collaborations.

GAAIN is funded by the Alzheimer’s Association and strives to further the association’s goal of accelerating the development of Alzheimer’s disease preventions, treatments and a cure.


Cohort Discovery

The GAAIN Cohort Scout lets you search through thousands of data attributes collected by GAAIN Data Partners and allows you to build, save and share cohorts.

  • Create cross-study cohorts for Alzheimer's disease research
  • Browse or search GAAIN partner data sets to select attributes
  • Save or share your cohort with others and/or connect with GAAIN partners to obtain data

Data Visualization

The GAAIN Interrogator lets you visualize relationships between attributes in user-defined, cross-study cohorts.

  • Dynamically define cohorts and visually explore the differences between them
  • Identify and connect with GAAIN partners having data meeting your research interests
  • Inspect data attribute definitions and graphs showing distribution of data values

Publication Acknowledgement:

Thank you for using and your interest in GAAIN. We request that any publicized manuscripts and/or abstracts you produce acknowledge GAAIN. Your willingness to recognize GAAIN will advance our core objective of promoting Alzheimer’s research and will help the external research community understand the utility of our system.

Please use the following acknowledgement text along with our logo for manuscripts that have utilized data via GAAIN:
Data used in preparation of this article were obtained from the Global Alzheimer’s Association Interactive Network (GAAIN), funded by the Alzheimer’s Association at the Mark and Mary Stevens Neuroimaging and Informatics Institute at Keck School of Medicine of USC. The primary goal of GAAIN is to advance research into the causes and preventions and treatment of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. For up-to-date information, refer to


GAAIN allows researchers from around the world who have collected data on Alzheimer’s disease and aging to participate in a collaborative effort of data sharing.


Data Partners have a variety of study information and use different codes and naming conventions.


Data exported into CSV files are mapped into the GAAIN schema using CDISC conventions.




An ON/OFF switch gives Data Partners full control over their data. When the switch is “OFF” data is completely removed from the GAAIN network.



Investigators query and visualize combined data to gain insight about Alzheimer’s disease. GAAIN facilitates data transactions by directing investigators on how to obtain data.