Interrogator Update Released

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the Interrogator with several exciting new features! Users can save and reload their work. We’ve used this new functionality to construct a set of highlighted analyses visible to all users. Each of these is linked to a Data Partner publication and reproduces part of the analysis reported in the paper, allowing users to explore these results in the GAAIN environment. These analyses highlight our Data Partner research, and give users several examples of how to use the Interrogator to work with variables, create cohorts, and run preliminary analyses.

Visit the new improved Interrogator at



Need assistance with our tools?

Tutorials are available for the GAAIN system tools on the GAAIN YouTube channel to help users navigate the Data Landing Page, Scoreboard, Cohort Scout, and New Interrogator.

Request a training session by emailing with a few dates and times (note, we are in the Pacific time zone) and we will arrange a web-ex training session.


Media Coverage of New GAAIN Study

A study published in JAMA Neurology used GAAIN data to reexamine the link between age, sex, and Alzheimer's disease risk. Click here to see the buzz this paper is generating and read more in the following publications:


“We can use GAAIN to understand the entire landscape of Alzheimer’s disease research and identify places where additional investigation needs to be undertaken. That will be instrumental in advancing our knowledge faster. This is the wave of the future,” Dr. Arthur Toga (GAAIN’s Principal Investigator) said. Read the article here.



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